Donor Dash 2016 in Denver - Jack's Tribe


Donor Dash 2016 in Denver - Jack's Tribe

It was moving to be able to participate in the Donor Dash for Donor Alliance this past Sunday, especially to remember Jack Berg and be a part in Jack's Tribe. We were a tribe of 105 folks, including Abby from Utah. Abby is a 16 old from Utah. She received Jack's heart when she was 12. If you haven't registered to be a organ, eye, tissue donor in Colorado, please sign up!

DENVER - Everywhere you looked, people were wearing pictures of loved on T-shirts and on posters. Those faces represented people who have either died and donated organs, or benefited from a transplant.

It was an emotional 5k run/walk around Washington Park Sunday morning. Nearly 6,000 people participated in the 17th Annual Donor Dash and broke last year’s attendance record.

Broncos running back coach Eric Studesville was one of several people who spoke about the impact of donating organs on his family. He asked people in the crowd to encourage others to sign up as well.